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Passwords at risk and how to protect them


Passwords at risk and how to protect them

Strong passwords, with a length of 12 characters for example, using numbers, upper and lower case letters and symbols are currently considered unbreakable, as their decryption takes too much time. Another argument for using strong passwords with sufficient length is the fact that a password that takes 1 year to decrypt with today's IT technology could be cracked in a second in a few years.

Strong passwords meet the following criteria:

They have never been hacked, should contain a large number of characters, be of sufficient length and not easy to guess, even if some information about the user should be known.

Use a secure method to create complex passwords:

Choose a word order that makes sense to you (e.g. the top 3 of your favorite songs, e.g. from AC/DC, etc.), add a number that you are familiar with (e.g. your car number: 1217) and mix the combination in a way that is understandable and memorable to you, and remember the order of the characters. This will give you a long, strong and memorable password, but you should only use it for one account.

Avoid criminal mistakes, such as reusing the same password within different websites, even when using modifications, such as adding numbers or symbols at the end of the password. Passwords such as "123456" or those containing phrases such as "qwerty", "iloveyou", "princess", "BornInNY1986", or similar, are also completely unsuitable. And remember, if a hacker uncovers one of your passwords, he will certainly test it on other sites where you may be registered.

By the way, you can check HERE if one of your passwords was uncovered in the course of a hacker attack.

Rely on security and use our password manager "PassSecurium™"! Generate complex, uniquely strong passwords with the integrated password generator. Take advantage of an encrypted password safe, the mobile application for Android and iOS, synchronization across all your devices, secure access via PIN code or fingerprint and offline operation.


Take advantage of our offers and IT competence: Secure Password Manager, Password Manager for teams and Password Manager for companies, equipped with Password Generator, with which you can flexibly manage passwords. Due to integrated "two-factor authentication", you are on the safe side with our Password Manager even then. If the hacker cracks your password, the second authentication step prevents him from accessing your personal data.

Download PassSecurium™ and PBE for free. Use a free account directly in the application or by registering on our website and test efficiently and conveniently how you can manage strong and secure passwords: (links to download the app can be found there).

A browser add-on allows you to fill in the required forms automatically.

If you need more features, choose a paid subscription. More about this HERE.

Protect your personal data like the real pros!

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