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Weaknesses are the best impulse to develop strengths...

According to SRF, our PassSecurium™ is one of the 12 largest and best-known password managers in the world, which of course makes us incredibly proud.

However, in the test by "Kassensturz", our product did not score quite as well as the popular US products.

And we don't want to miss the opportunity to take a stand on this and apprise you a bit more.

In particular, PassSecurium™ was criticized for not applying the "zero-knowledge concept", which is not quite the case. Our business packages have encryption via LUKS password (aka master password) and each business customer has the exclusive opportynity to use it. However, since only packages for private use were tested, the colleagues from "Kassensturz" did not take this into account.

And the private packages encryption has been already implemented at our company and is awaiting to be switched on. However, the implementation was postponed due to the development of a backup solution for the user master password.

But we are not standing still...

...and have consulted with Prof. Dr. Marcel Waldvogel, a professional in IT security from the University of Konstanz, to jointly develop an innovative and unique solution for the master password recovery based on QR code distribution. We are already working on it at full speed.

All in all, we need to emphasize that our PassSecurium™ password manager was primarily designed for businesses; the packages for private customers were added later. 

We are not a big company, but we do our best to keep in close contact with our customers and provide excellent support for our domestic product.

It’s important for us to offer people an alternative to the international "giants" and to keep their data safe in Switzerland.

We have a lot of things planned for our password manager and we are working hard to reach our milestones and surprise our customers every time with the optimizations and new features.

Our intention has never been to build up a huge customer base quickly, but to create trust in a Swiss product and thereby convince our prospects to choose us.

We made it our resolution to be functionally on a par with the US giants in the next test and yet keep our support and quality at the appropriate Swiss level. We have already signed up for the next comparison test by "Kassensturz".

We stand behind our product and your safety!


No compromises! If you are still missing something in the PassSecurium™ offer just let us know and we will customize PassSecurium™ to meet your requirements. We gladly advise you on the most suitable PassSecurium™ version and possibilities for customization.



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