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PassSecurium™ personalization

Corporate identity is the fingerprint of the company, it is what makes the company different from its competitors and allows to stand out. Being an integral element of corporate culture, corporate style is designed to unite the team, creating a sense of community and belonging.

Therefore, we offer all our business clients the opportunity to personalize the PassSecurium™ password manager according to their corporate identity.

The use of corporate colors and logo allows you to present PassSecurium™ as a part of your company information system, which it really is. Logo, header, footer, colors, fonts, buttons can be adjusted to meet requirements of your brand book.

Altogether, in addition to Swiss data protection, you also get the chance to maintain the integrity of your company's image.

For any questions regarding PassSecurium™ design and personalization options, please contact our specialists via the contact form on the website.


No compromises! If you are still missing something in the PassSecurium™ offer just let us know and we will customize PassSecurium™ to meet your requirements. We gladly advise you on the most suitable PassSecurium™ version and possibilities for customization.



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