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5 reasons to try PassSecurium ™ Free and benefit with Standard version

Most probably you've already heard a lot about password managers. There are many of them and they all promise reliable protection and storage of your data. Here are 5 real reasons why you should opt for PassSecurium™:

  1. Switzerland. PassSecurium™ is a 100% Swiss product that is developed and hosted here.
    Many password managers don’t specify the country of data storage, as they are located in the cloud. However, whether is hosting equally secure, for example, in China or in Switzerland with its strict data protection laws?
  2. Multi-account: easy switching between multiple accounts.
    Some enterprise password managers offer the feature with a separate folder for personal passwords within the corporate account. But what does happen to your passwords when you get a job in another company? Perhaps your account will be simply removed from the access list to the former corporate password storage. Therefore, a separate personal account will completely eliminate your headache of password manager when changing job. If your company uses PassSecurium™, you can easily switch between corporate and personal accounts in the application. Our auto-filling browser plugin also has a multi-account feature.
  3. Minimal limitations in the free version.
    Limiting the number of passwords in the free versions is a common practice because disk space in data centers is not free for hosters. PassSecurium™ is not an exception, hence it offers up to 50 free passwords. If you aren’t a hyperactive user of the Internet, then for the most important, this is quite enough. However, even in the free version, PassSecurium™ doesn’t limit the number of devices from which it can be used, you can also turn on two-factor authentication in the web version, as well as send a request to technical support directly from the application. Some password managers restrict these features in free versions.
  4. Convenience. Easy copy/paste. Operations over multiple passwords.
    Generation of passwords of the selected complexity using the password generator when creating and editing. You can additionally attach a file to the password: pdf, picture, SSH certificate, PGP encryption key file, and more. For browsers, we suggest installing our extension for auto-filling forms on websites. PassSecurium™ is currently available for Chrome and Firefox. Opera and Edge support is planned soon. Here you can watch a video about the PassSecurium™ browser extension.
  5. Separate storage of passwords for use on the Web and other passwords.
    By default, our browser extension saves passwords in a special folder WEB when working on websites. In the web version of the application, you can also choose which folders or passwords to use for auto-filling on websites. This separation creates an additional layer of security for passwords which are not supposed to be used on the Internet.

All of the above is available in PassSecurium™ Free.

However. A paid PassSecurium™ Standard subscription gives you 3 additional benefits:

  1. folder management
  2. unlimited password storage
  3. change control

And that's worth it. Even 50 passwords aren't easy to manage. What if you have 2-3 times more of them? With PassSecurium™ Standard you’ll be able to organize all the passwords in a convenient way and also to manage password change history, restoring deleted items or reverting previous edits.

Regardless of which PassSecurium™ subscription you choose, you will get peace of mind about the security of your passwords as well as reliable Swiss quality and high standards of protection for your data.

Download PassSecurium™ Free for:  Android or iOS.

Order your PassSecurium™ Standard.



No compromises! If you are still missing something in the PassSecurium™ offer just let us know and we will customize PassSecurium™ to meet your requirements. We gladly advise you on the most suitable PassSecurium™ version and possibilities for customization.



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