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Price increase as of 01.07.2023: new prices for our products

«Why a price increase?»
ALPEIN Software SWISS AG always wants to offer you the best products and services. Due to increased costs for raw materials, electricity and improved product quality, we have to adjust our prices. This will allow us to continue to maintain high quality and offer you the best possible added value.

«Who is affected and how?»

  • Anyone who takes out a new subscription by 30.06.2023 can secure the previous price for up to 36 months. After the end of the subscription period, the new prices will apply.
  • For existing subscriptions, the prices remain unchanged until the end of the original term. If the subscription is not cancelled up to 4 weeks before the end of the term, it will be automatically renewed at the new prices.
    Sofern das Abo nicht bis 4 Wochen vor Ende der Laufzeit gekündigt wird, erfolgt die automatische Verlängerung mit den neuen Preisen.
  • Customers whose subscription expires in the period up to 30.06.2023 and who no longer wish to renew due to the price increase have until 15.06.2023 to exercise their right to cancel.

Our prices will change as follows:






Previous price until 30.06.2023


CHF 2.-*

CHF 3.-*

CHF 4.-*

New price as of 01.07.2023


z. B. CHF 2.50*

(CHF 36.- p. a.)

z. B. CHF 4.00*

(CHF 48- p. User /Jahr)

z. B. CHF 5.00*

(CHF 72.- p.a.)

*Monatlicher Preis pro User

We are proud to offer you products of the highest quality, with innovative features and continuous development. With our products, you not only get a product, but also a solution that optimally meets your needs.

We would like to emphasise that we do not take this step lightly, but consider it necessary in order to be able to offer you first-class products and excellent customer service in the future. We are aware that price increases always have some impact and would like to thank you for your understanding and support.

Your PassSecurium™ Team