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Password management integration now also for SAP companies

With the password manager PassSecurium™, our company as an expert in password management and cybersecurity, has long since established a secure position in this market segment. As a modern, efficient and highly secure password manager, PassSecurium™ meets all the requirements of teams and companies of all sizes.

Another important milestone has now been reached with the introduction of Pass4SAP™, an interface developed specifically for SAP systems. This interface allows the PassSecurium™ password manager to be integrated directly and seamlessly into the SAP infrastructure. This greatly simplifies password management, even for large companies.

The integration of specific SAP functions not only makes the process more convenient and clear, but also saves a lot of time. Of course, all this is done in strict compliance with high security standards and SAP's specific security requirements and policies.

Following successful certification by SAP SE, the Pass4SAP™ Connector is now officially recognised. This makes the PassSecurium™ password manager the world's first SAP-certified password tool.

The "Swiss army knife for password management" for companies of all sizes

PassSecurium™ provides quick access to passwords from any device and an integrated password generator for increased password security. Role-based password management and customisable group privileges provide greater security, control and efficiency, and allow for optimal password organisation that can be easily adapted to the organisation's structure.

Security is further enhanced by comprehensive backup and security options. Seamless integration with an organisation's existing Active Directories means that existing employee structures and permissions can be easily adopted, ensuring a smooth deployment of the password tool.

More than two decades of SAP and cyber security expertise speak for themselves 

Our expertise is based on many years of experience both in IT security and in the SAP environment, particularly in the integration of different systems. We have already successfully established the product JIRA2SAP™ on the market, which combines the renowned project and process management platform Jira with the SAP landscape.

As a certified SAP partner, SWISS LABEL holder and ISO:27001 certified company, we implement standards according to the high Swiss quality requirements and demonstrate competence in the realisation of high-quality solutions.

You are welcome on the Pass4SAP™ website, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.


No compromises! If you are still missing something in the PassSecurium™ offer just let us know and we will customize PassSecurium™ to meet your requirements. We gladly advise you on the most suitable PassSecurium™ version and possibilities for customization.



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