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Climate change's impact on the IT industry and data centres is undeniable

The IT sector faces the dual challenge of addressing climate change and meeting the demands of the energy transition while contributing to the success of the digital transformation.

It is crucial to optimize the utilization of renewable energy sources to enhance the efficiency of hardware, data networks, storage, and cooling technologies, fostering their synergy.

Data centre operators are increasingly recognizing how climate change affects their systems. Their focus lies in reducing energy consumption, resulting in cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint. In Switzerland, numerous data centre operators have long acknowledged the need for proactive measures.

Ensuring the physical security of facilities and IT components, along with safeguarding data, remains a paramount concern. Underground data centres, in particular, prioritise unwavering physical security to guarantee infrastructure stability, system availability, and reliability. This involves a combination of stringent monitoring routines, biometric access control, and comprehensive system and video surveillance.

Whether it's system or server components of various ALPEIN software products or customer data from users of SWISS SECURIUM® and PassSecurium™, modern underground data centres offer uncompromising security. They also keep pace with IT sector innovations and climate change requirements.

Underground data centres are gaining prominence due to their minimal exposure to environmental influences. Unlike above-ground buildings, bunker systems are far less susceptible to damage from extreme weather events, armed conflicts, or attacks on critical infrastructure. ALPEIN Software is ideally positioned with an underground data centre in a bunker, especially considering the anticipated increase in climate change impacts and potential water and electricity supply shortages in the future.

Sustainability and energy efficiency go hand in hand. With minimal heat generation during daily operations, underground data centres facilitate moderate energy consumption through cost-effective cooling systems.

ALPEIN Software SWISS AG hosts its data in the environmentally friendly "Stollen Luzern" data centre, owned by "ewl energie wasser Luzern Holding," a leading energy service provider in the Lucerne region. This data centre boasts exceptional energy efficiency, thanks to cutting-edge DCIM technologies, and achieves CO2-neutral cooling by utilising water from Lake Lucerne.

Partner with ALPEIN Software SWISS AG to fortify your company's defenses:

1. Rely on optimally secured hardware and software to fend off cyberattacks.

2. Benefit from secure data storage in the bunker, complemented by efficient security management.

3. Delegate responsibilities regarding the energy transition, digitalisation, climate protection, and systemic risk management to ALPEIN Software and the "Stollen Luzern."

The security experts at ALPEIN Software SWISS AG are at your disposal to provide guidance on data centres and all security-related matters. Do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime for assistance.


No compromises! If you are still missing something in the PassSecurium™ offer just let us know and we will customize PassSecurium™ to meet your requirements. We gladly advise you on the most suitable PassSecurium™ version and possibilities for customization.



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