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Frequently asked questions:

PassSecurium uses a two-factor authentication which makes it impossible to hack the account using brute force attacks. In addition, all data for each user are encrypted separately.

No, no one can access your account except you. In case of technical difficulties, our administrators only have access to the database, but the data contained in it remain encrypted.

No, as also specified in the contract, it is not possible for us to decrypt the data.

The data storage is located in a former military bunker in the Swiss canton of Uri, at a depth of 320 m in a mountain massif.

Yes, we consider it essential to back up the data as appropriate. All data are therefore backed up on a daily basis.

Yes, you can restore your data yourself from a backup of the last month.

PassSecurium is currently available in English and German.

Of course. We offer Premium and Corporate packages for companies, which allow you to control users, groups and roles and link them to your LDAP/Active Directory.

A password generator provides assistance with the creation of simple or complex passwords. You can select the complexity of the password in advance, and then create a suitable, random password.

Yes please! PassSecurium can be used in all situations and on all your devices. You can use the App on smartphones or use the website on desktops.

You can buy PassSecurium in the Google Play Store for Android and in the App Store for Apple devices.

Yes, this application was specifically designed so it can also be used without an Internet connection. As soon as the next Internet connection is available, all changes are synchronised again.

You can increase the security of your PassSecurium storage with a help of two-factor authentication. Two-level authentication provides further protection through an additional security step. In a case of two-factor authentication in order to enter your PassSecurium storage you need one more code, which you receive with the AccessSecurium app (available for Android and Apple).